Law and Order by Teresa Emanuele

LAW & ORDER - June 25th, 2014

About once a year, or more, I find myself to be extremely grateful of having studied law. This feeling is stronger than that of having discovered art too late to attend the Art Academy (is it too late? Or still of some use now?). No regrets really.

Life as an artist is tough in many ways, especially if your creativity blooms at a time when there’s little money for treats, collecting art being a quite expensive one.

But on top of all the typically bohemian issues, it appears as if our dreamy distracted attitude triggers in others the temptation of cheating on us – or trying to. And realizing such thing can be the most uninspiring experience.

Here is where my know-how comes to aid. Even though time has faded the details of my law studies, I know how the law works. The law makes sense to me for being fair. And just like in art, when theory becomes practice, than justice becomes a masterpiece.